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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is Oorkle?

If you are reading this and not asking “what is IP?", then you must be an IP professional. Like you, we can’t resist technology and creating cool things to make life easier. We love technology, gobble anything that smells like innovation, and most of all, love to travel the world to attend IP events, which we believe is the best part of being part of this professional community. It is truly a global profession and we are a privileged bunch. We developed Oorkle because we wished it existed out there. So much data about IP events, scattered all over. And it takes a lot of time to find the stuff, process it, and then decide and plan. Oorkle saves us all a bit of time.

What does Oorkle mean?

Well, it is very difficult these days to name a technology/software company. All the good names and domains are taken! Try to come up with a name for your new project/whatever. Not easy at all. We just thought Oorkle sounded cool and techish for IP folks.

What does Oorkle cost?

Oorkle is free of charge during its beta phase.

I know there is an IP event which is happening in a particular city on such and such date. Why isn’t it on Oorkle?

We gather our data from publicly available places such as search engines and IP event sites. We do not list all the IP events in the world… our team is small and we are constantly updating and on the lookout for new and interesting events. Also, we are not machines. We actually comb through the data ourselves quite carefully and only select events that we feel are relevant and we ourselves would love to attend. If you would like to see an event listed, we hope you will let us know.

Do you have permission to list the events on your site?

Oorkle only lists publicly available data and does not publish any information which is inaccessible to the public. We get data via commonly used search engines. As common sense goes, we do not require express permission to publish data which is already public and we are always careful to properly attribute the correct source for any information used on our site. In fact, we think we help events across the board by making their events reach as wide an audience as possible. Also, all of the beautiful pictures used on our site, we subscribe to use them under a royalty-free license from 123rf.com.

I am an event organizer and I would like your help to promote our event. Is that possible?

Oorkle is autonomous and independent from any event organization or owners. We do not have or receive any funds from any organizer and we like it that way. We believe Oorkle's value to the IP community rests on the information being well-organized, up-to-date, and non-commercial. The “starred” events are those events we independently believe are the most popular events that tends to create to most business opportunities if you are an IP professional. Oorkle accepts no sponsorship to “star” or “feature” any particular event. Also, as you can see, we do not advertise. Decisions on which event to list or star is made by us independently. So we will happily list your IP event if it is related to our professional IP community.

I represent an event organizer and some information about our event is incorrect. Can you fix it?

Absolutely. We will be happy to correct any errors. Just email us at o@oorkle.com.

I represent an event organizer and I would like to remove our event from your site.

Oorkle uses only publicly available information, mostly from the event organizer sites. However, Oorkle will not list an event if the organization or owner of the event is against being listed on our site. Please contact us and we will remove your event from Oorkle.

What is your privacy policy?

We do not sell or share your information with anyone. We don’t like spam and we simply won’t do that ourselves. Please read our Privacy and Terms. However, we may, from time to time, send you email notifications and updates regarding Oorkle features and new events, unless you opt-out of notifications in your account. To update your notification settings, please login and update your settings.