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Hello there!

We built this BETA tool after years of attending Intellectual Property and professional events around the world and spending a lot of time planning our trips. The idea was to build a tool to plan, maximize our business development efforts, make new friends, meet old ones, at meetings, forums, conferences, as well as discover new amazing places.

So Oorkle is a brainchild of professionals like you: world travelers and busy IP professionals.

We hope you like Oorkle and if would like to give us a hand, send us a message at o@oorkle.com with your favorite meeting or conference and we will add it to our growing list of IP-related events, big or small. And if you are representing an event that we have listed, let us know when your information is updated so we can keep up-to- date information on your events. Also, check out our FAQ page for more.

Thank you.

− The Oorkle Team